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About Us


The Silk Road courses through our being. Shaza is a celebration of our past - and our future. We proudly embrace all the wonders and generosities of the Silk cultures that have shaped our luxurious Shaza world.

Shaza means fragrance. Notes of Arabia, Ottoman and Middle Eastern are blended into a subtle bouquet that captures the spirit of generosity, luxury and refinement of the people of the Silk territories. Rich with history and discovery, Shaza hotels is a reinvention of all we love, celebrate and hold dear above all else. Ours is a story of the old through new eyes.



We are our culture. Without our nuances, our traditions and allegiances, who will we be? We may certainly be a hotel, but we won’t be Shaza. Our culture, our way of being, resides within the very heart and soul of our people. it is here where we begin and end as a brand. With our people.

  • generosity

    Giving is one of the greatest ambitions of our brand. To give memorable experiences. To give the best of who we are. To approach, every interaction with our guests – and each other - with grace and generosity.

  • Respect

    Sincerity, integrity and fairness are the immutable cornerstones of our existence. We value all individuals in all their diversity and difference.

  • Creativity

    We embrace the new, explore and push boundaries to develop fresh ideas and experiences in the service of improvement – but always, with considered thought and attention.

  • Pride

    Our heritage and spirit is our pride and joy. It defines the ambition and entrepreneurial character of our brand which we believe will distinguish us in the region and beyond.

  • Engagement

    We are committed to meaningful connections. We are unfaltering in our commitment to work with passion and sincerity and to truly connect and engage with our guests, owners and colleagues.

  • Awareness

    As a brand and people, we are unreservedly invested in the environment and neighbourhood in which we reside. Our actions are without reserve always measured and mindful.



Shaza is a new interpretation of what it means to be of the East. Bright, effervescent and joyful, it is a modern retelling of an old world.

While our past, ornate with the treasures and memories of the Silk empire, is indeed illustrious, our dreams are of our present and the future. Shaza is a five star breath of fresh air in a modern retelling of the East. We are focused on the creation of a 21st century East that respects the past, but does not get lost in its nostalgia. Ours is a brand new Eastern world filled with the promise of even more glories and reasons to be proud of who we are.

The Team

The Team

Shaza Hotels is an independent five star hotel operator, supported by an affiliation with a number of prestigious partners. These include Kempinski, our financial partner Shaza Hotel Investment Company as well as our membership of Global Hotel Alliance.


Simon Coombs brings an invaluable depth of knowledge and regional expertise to the Shaza enterprise. A highly motivated and determined individual, he brings a very particular and distinguished skill to Shaza - that of establishing and growing businesses from the ground up. Simon is the man who has genuinely done it all before. His position before joining Shaza as President and CEO was as Executive Vice President and CFO at Kempinski.

Prior to his appointment at Kempinski, Simon spent 16 years with Hyatt International in various positions linked to development, tax planning, corporate, and hotel finance. Most recently, he held the Hong Kong based position of Vice President of Finance for the Asia Pacific region.

Using this wealth of experience, and his fluency in the business language of the region, Simon is instrumental in the development and expansion of the Shaza brand. Since taking the helm of Shaza Hotels in 2010, Simon had dedicated his efforts to creating the Shaza’s brand from the ground up, with the objective of bringing a completely unique luxury brand to the market. His vision is to establish a distinct and sincere organisational culture that will be reflected in every hotel under operation, in terms of both service style and design concept.

Simon holds Honours Degrees in both Economics and Strategic Planning from Leeds University in England.

As Executive Vice President, Sanjiv Malhotra is nurturing the concept and development of the brand as well as making it an operational reality.

Graduating with honours in Commerce and Business Management, he specialized with a Post Graduation in Hotel Management. Sanjiv also read at Ecole Hôtelière de Lausanne in Switzerland and Cornell University, Ithaca for courses in Food & Beverage, General Management and Leadership.

With more than 27 years in the luxury Hotel industry, Sanjiv’s previous role was Regional Vice President for East Africa with Kempinski and before then with Oberoi Hotels India, Australia and Egypt. A seasoned hotelier he is motivated to guide Shaza Hotels to its next stage, understanding that a brand is only as strong as its distinctiveness and the resolve of its people. He is focused to create memorable guest experiences, enhanced by design and delivered by caring, empowered, motivated team members.

Chris Nader has seen the birth of the company and was involved in setting up the brand’s identity and positioning, establishing its values and philosophy, as well as creating signature products ranging from dining concepts to Spas and Kids’ Clubs. With such in depth understanding of the brand, he naturally developed into a key player of the company’s growth strategy, boosting its development activities across the globe. Based in Dubai, Chris’ role is to double Shaza’s portfolio in the next few years. He also holds the position of Vice President – Development Middle East and Africa for Kempinski, the renowned European luxury operator and shareholder of Shaza Hotels.

Prior to joining Shaza, Chris held several positions in food and beverage where he assisted in the creation of some of the trendiest resorts and restaurant concepts in Lebanon.  He holds an MBA from the Ecole Hôtelière de Lausanne in Switzerland, and a Bachelor in Business Administration from the American University of Beirut.



It is our ambition to always create deeper, richer experiences that linger long after the stay is over. We are determined to always communicate and present ourselves authentically with charm and warmth.

  • Philosophy

    Curated in association with some of the region's leading anthropologists, professors, and historians Shaza is the first contemporary celebration of the cultures of the Silk Route. This heritage is the source of all we are. How we walk, how we talk, how we live as a brand.

  • Expansion Strategy

    By design, we are an intimate family of hotels. We believe this intimacy augments the operational and financial performance of each of our properties. Shaza hotels are carefully evaluated in major markets where we are sure we can add value to the benefit of the owner.