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HAJJ & UMRAH destinations

All journeys pale in comparison to the journey of the soul. Welcome to Shaza Makkah and Shaza Al Madina.

For centuries, the holy cities of Makkah and Al Madinah have welcome pilgrims from all over the world. The cities themselves have always had a rich tradition of opening their homes, and their city, to the believers of the faith. It is our privilege to continue in this grand tradition. To be of service, to provide respite and welcome. To take care of all the demands of the day so that our guests have all the time in the world to be truly present in heart, soul and mind in this, the greatest of all journeys of the faithful. 

Shaza Al Madina

Al Madina

Set within the illuminating city, Shaza Al Madina basks in the shadow of the haram. With minarets peaking through the vista, the aura of the haram is everywhere to be seen and felt. Only ever a glimpse away, pilgrims drawn like moths to the light, make their way across the maidan to the green dome. Caught within this privileged atmosphere is Shaza Al Madinah. The intimate and discreetly luxurious choice of the culturally refined.

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With each step from our door, the Holy Mosque draws ever nearer. A small stroll away lies the beating heart of the city and indeed all the Islamic world. The lyrical rapture of the call to prayer within earshot, the hotel is close enough to feel the pulse of the haram, yet just far enough to provide calm and serenity to replenish the pilgrim.
Opening November 2016.

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Shaza Makkah