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immerse yourself in the story of shaza from morning to night
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HomePage-Shaza hotel
HomePage-Shaza hotel
start your day with a wake up call

Straight from the famed coffee plantations of Ethiopia to you, say a robust, good morning to the world. Coffee from the silk route.

GO ON A JOURNEY of discovery

What could possibly be waiting for you around the next corner? Joy? Wonder? Go on. Take that first step. There are discoveries waiting to be found.

HomePage-Shaza hotel
HomePage-Shaza Hotels
an oasis of hospitality wherever you go

Wherever your journey may lead you, may you always encounter the same generosity and welcome as you have here.

the light will lead you home

Travel to new destinations, explore the nooks and lanes of a new city. Wherever you are, there is a Shaza, know you are never far from home.

HomePage-Shaza Hotels
indulge with the world at your feet

This city is made for walking. Go left or right. And then get ready to do it all again after a wonderful signature Shaza foot massage.

wrap up your day in LUXURY

Like the merchants of our past, we have sourced the finest cotton in the world for the bathrobes you will find in each of our hotel rooms. Woven to perfection, it’s a perfect cocoon of the softest luxury.

HomePage-Shaza Hotels
this is a bedtime story that starts at the end

In the perfume traditions of ancient Mesopotamia, enjoy wonderful notes of lavender created by our perfumier to help you rest and fall into deep, glorious sleep.