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About Us



Inspired by the cultures of the Silk Route, Shaza Hotels offers travellers a safe haven on their life expeditions – an oasis of calm amidst the clutter of daily life. Each hotel is a quintessential retreat steeped in the old world, and a promise to be a journey in itself. Captured in the depths of astounding architecture and distilled in the spices of rich cuisine, each of our destinations is a tapestry woven with facets of ancient cultures. The essence of the Silk Route transcends time, to bring travellers the most coveted treasure of all – tales yet to be told. Shaza Hotels affords travellers curated experiences set in contemporary-luxury spaces, designed for those who seek to explore and delight in the lavish elements of the bygone Eastern roads of trade.



We are our culture. without our nuances, our traditions and allegiances, who will we be? We may certainly be a hotel, but we won’t be shaza. Our culture, our way of being, resides within the very heart and soul of our people. It is here where we begin and end as a brand. with our people.


Giving is one of the greatest ambitions of our brand. To give memorable experiences. To give the best of who we are. To approach, every interaction with our guests – and each other - with grace and generosity.


Sincerity, integrity and fairness are the immutable cornerstones of our existence. We value all individuals in all their diversity and difference.


We embrace the new, explore and push boundaries to develop fresh ideas and experiences in the service of improvement – but always, with considered thought and attention.


Our heritage and spirit is our pride and joy. It defines the ambition and entrepreneurial character of our brand which we believe will distinguish us in the region and beyond.


We are committed to meaningful connections. We are unfaltering in our commitment to work with passion and sincerity and to truly connect and engage with our guests, owners and colleagues.


As a brand and people, we are unreservedly invested in the environment and neighbourhood in which we reside. Our actions are without reserve always measured and mindful.



While our past, ornate with the treasures and memories of the Silk empire, is indeed illustrious, our dreams are of our present and the future. Shaza is a five star breath of fresh air in a modern retelling of the East. We are focused on the creation of a 21st century East that respects the past, but does not get lost in its nostalgia. Ours is a brand new Eastern world filled with the promise of even more glories and reasons to be proud of who we are.

The Team

Shaza Hotels is an independent five star hotel operator, supported by an affiliation with a number of prestigious partners. these include kempinski, our financial partner shaza hotel investment company as well as our membership of global hotel alliance.

Shaza Hotels Team

Simon Coombs
Simon Coombs
President & CEO

Simon Coombs brings an invaluable depth of knowledge and regional expertise to the Shaza enterprise. A highly motivated and determined individual, he brings a very particular and distinguished skill to Shaza - that of establishing and growing businesses from the ground up. Simon is the man who has genuinely done it all before. His position before joining Shaza as President and CEO was as Executive Vice President and CFO at Kempinski.

Prior to his appointment at Kempinski, Simon spent 16 years with Hyatt International in various positions linked to development, tax planning, corporate, and hotel finance. Most recently, he held the Hong Kong based position of Vice President of Finance for the Asia Pacific region.

Using this wealth of experience, and his fluency in the business language of the region, Simon is instrumental in the development and expansion of the Shaza brand. Since taking the helm of Shaza Hotels in 2010, Simon had dedicated his efforts to creating the Shaza’s brand from the ground up, with the objective of bringing a completely unique luxury brand to the market. His vision is to establish a distinct and sincere organisational culture that will be reflected in every hotel under operation, in terms of both service style and design concept.

Simon holds Honours Degrees in both Economics and Strategic Planning from Leeds University in England.

Shaji Abu Salih
Shaji Abu Salih
Vice President - Growth & Development

Leading the new Developments and Portfolio Growth of the company along with the existing role in heading sales, revenue and marketing strategies for the operating & upcoming hotels. Shaji has been a part of the Shaza family since 2009, before which he spent several years with Kempinski Hotels in various Sales & Marketing roles. He also holds an MBA from NEOMA Business School in France in Hospitality & Tourism Management.

Amjad Irshaidat
Amjad Irshaidat
Vice President - Operations, KSA

A seasoned professional in the hospitality industry with an impressive track record of over 30 years in various international brands. Born in Amman, Jordan, he joined Shaza Madinah Hotel in August 2010 as the first General Manager at Shaza and ever since then, he consistently showcased his commitment to maintaining exceptional standards of guest satisfaction, and operational efficiency at all hotels he have operated. His experience not only serves as a source of inspiration but also plays a vital role in shaping the success and growth trajectory of Shaza Hotels within the KSA hospitality sector.

Franck Descat
Franck Descat
Vice President - Asset Management

Leading corporate finance, driving financial performance, implementing internal control, and overseeing pre-opening budgets and tax compliance. A CMA certified professional, Franck holds two bachelor’s degrees in finance and accounting, and information systems from Fordham University and Skema Business School, and an MBA from Ecole Hotelier Lausanne. As a member of the Shaza Family for the past 12 years, he has a very good understanding of the brand and all areas of the organisation.

Muhammad Umair
Muhammad Umair
Corporate Director Of Finance

Responsible for corporate finance, hotels' financial performance, implementing company's internal controls, hotel's pre-opening budgets, as well as hotel management agreements & SOP compliances. Umair reviews performance management through monitoring established KPIs & targeted performance drivers. Umair brings a combination of business management and financial analytical acumen to the team. As a member of the Shaza family for the past 7+ years, he holds good understanding of the brand & the organisation.

A qualified Chartered Global Management Accountant (CIMA), Umair holds a Master’s (MBA) and bachelor’s (BBA) degrees in Business Administration from the National University of Computer & Emerging Sciences (FAST-NU) and a Diploma in IFRS (ACCA).

Sandeep Rai
Sandeep Rai
Corporate Director of People Engagement

Leading the Human Resources, Training and Quality functions for the group. He is an accomplished people professional who has spent over 20 years in the hospitality industry during which he lived and worked across four continents. Sandeep holds dual bachelor degrees in commerce and hotel management and an MBA from Ecole hôtelière de Lausanne. Sandeep has been with the group since 2018 and possesses a keen appreciation of the distinctive Shaza brand philosophy and culture. Prior to his appointment at Shaza, Sandeep spent 18 years with Taj Hotels, Resorts and Palaces in various leadership roles in India, Yemen and the United States of America.


Shaza Hotels' core business is the management of luxury and upscale hotels on behalf of the property owners, and our operating model is governed by mutually agreed-upon management contracts. The company does not consider any acquisitions, investments or equity participation. All agreements for new member hotels are tailor-made and formulated according to the individual needs of each new business.


With our focus on delivering the highest standards across both Shaza and Mysk hotels, we will continue to drive internal operating competencies and fostering long-term relationships with owners and developers. Our goal is to establish an unwavering reputation for expertise and professionalism and ensure sustainable growth within our portfolio.


Our short term goal is to have a portfolio of 20 hotels by 2030 across both Shaza and Mysk brands, whilst our medium-term goal is to ensure that 30% of our hotels are located outside the Middle-East. Despite our ambitious growth objectives, we continue to be very selective in the projects we pursue. In fact, it is of upmost importance to ensure that the distinct identity of both Shaza and Myskis protected in each and every hotel and that the personality of each brand is properly represented. We currently operate a diverse mix of properties, including city hotels, resorts, retreats, and hotel apartments. All our properties are alcohol-free and serve halal food only.