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Arabesque Restaurant of Shaza Al Madina

5 Mar 2020

The Madinah Haram is one of the holy places considered as focal points of divine blessing. It surrounds the Prophet’s Holy Mosque, the main landmark that holds deep significance for Muslims all over the globe. Here you have a diversity of dining options from which to choose. You can even stop by any of the cafés for a cup of coffee or gather your friends to relish international cuisine. Best of all, enjoy gourmet-quality dishes at the Arabesque Restaurant, where the possibilities are as wide as your imagination.


Madinah holds a special place in the hearts of Muslims around the world.  Only a few steps from the Prophet’s Mosque, our elegant yet stylish Arabesque Restaurant has a refreshing contemporary feel. Its varied dining options are a joyful celebration in the truest sense with every plate crafted to delight even the most discerning palates. The interesting interior design, including high podiums, white low domes, and open umbrellas that provide daytime shade for worshipers and visitors throughout their journey to and from the Prophet’s Mosque, draws immediate attention to this elegant restaurant. Whatever your mood, we’ve got you covered. Escape to the peaceful and relaxing ambience, while enjoying the magnificent views of the Prophet’s Mosque.


Our international chefs at Shaza Al Madina are passionate about food presentation to create a feast, both for the eyes and mouth. Since the best way to experience a culture is through its food, we pride ourselves on delivering a tantalizing menu of international specialities to delight all of our guests. Our team of chefs brings to your table unique masterpieces that are sure to deliver an unforgettable eating experience. Travel the world today with your taste buds through our mouthwatering international cuisines.


We love to hear what our customers say, and we are proud of serving them in the most exceptional manner. Our expert staff is daily updated to ensure that our guests receive outstanding service while indulging their senses. Each member of our staff is committed to showing the strongest values and treating everyone with respect. And when kids dine with us, our special kid’s menu is sure to please and to provide fun for them. We welcome every child accompanied by their parents with a beautiful playful cutlery set. Our philosophy is to provide the highest quality service – from assisting with menu options to flavorsome dishes cooked with passion and served in a friendly yet special way. At the Arabesque Restaurant, we are committed to enhancing your culinary experience every day and night.


Shaza Al Madinah is the supreme luxury buffet experience, featuring an assortment of flavors. Gather with your beloved ones and embark on your most exciting food adventure yet. The Arabesque Restaurant’s striking decor and luxury ambience is the ideal setting for a fine culinary experience. Our waiters have a dedication to style and quality that is applied to every aspect of the dining experience. The open buffet at the Arabesque Restaurant features a large variety of all your favourite dishes, starters, salads and soups prepared with a focus on fresh, locally sourced ingredients. You will be fascinated by the restaurant’s environment that is exclusively attractive, warm and friendly.


Whether to celebrate a special occasion with your dearest ones or enjoy a night out with your friends, join us at the Arabesque Restaurant every Thursday and treat yourself to our mouth-watering seafood dishes that you have been craving. Whether you want flavorful grilled fish, tasty lobster, fried or crispy shrimp, scallops, squid or mussels to fill your plate, we’ve got what hungry seafood lovers long for. We are proud of our fresh seafood specialities, cooked to delight every taste and style.


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