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The Prophet’s merciful care for the little ones celebrated on International Children’s Day

28 Nov 2019

At Shaza Al Madina, we are honoured to be a part of your children’s visit to the Prophet’s Mosque. Since the Prophet Mohammed (Peace be Upon Him) is our role model when caring for the little ones, here are some excerpts from the Prophet’s life on the occasion of International Children’s Day,

The Prophet’s mercy towards children
The Prophet would cross Madinah on foot to visit his daughter Fatima and embrace his grandchildren before continuing on his way. It has been told that a companion called Akra bin Habis saw the Prophet kiss his grandchild Hassan (or Hussein) and he said: “I have ten children but have not kissed any of them,” to which the Prophet replied: “The uncompassionate will not be treated mercifully.” There is another account stating that some Bedouin people asked the Prophet if he kisses his children, and he said yes. They said they never kiss their children, to which he replied: “What can I do if Allah has taken away mercy from you?”

The Prophet (PBUH) respected and appreciated children
It is known that Muslims initiate everything with their right hand. The Prophet was once sitting with a child to his right and several adults to his left. He bought something to drink and asked the boy to pass it to the adults, but the child said: “No, by Allah, I would not give my share from you to anyone,” as he wanted to drink from the hand of the Prophet and earn his blessing. So the Prophet gave the boy the drink out of respect and appreciation.

Praying with children in attendance
It is said that the Prophet would sometimes shorten his prayers out of consideration for little children in the mosque. He once initiated a prayer with the intention to prolong it, but upon hearing the cries of a little child he shortened the prayer so the mother could finish praying and tend to her child’s needs.

On another occasion, he went out to pray while carrying one of his little grandsons and he laid he boy on the floor and initiated the prayer. One of his prostrations took longer than usual, so when the prayer was finished people asked why the prostration took so long as they were wondering if something had happened, to which he responded “No, my grandson climbed on my back and I didn’t want to disturb him.”

He is our role model
Children have a special place in the hearts of believers and the Sharia ensures their mental and emotional rights as they are raised by their family and within community organizations such as schools and mosques. Taking the mosques as an example, our Prophet did not forbid his grandson from playing during prayers since that is the normal behaviour of a child. His kindness in dealing with children helped them learn to enjoy praying and worship.

Children and the Prophet’s Mosque
The Prophet’s Mosque, the second holiest in Islam, allows children to enter so they can grow to love prayer from a young age. However, there are areas dedicated to worshippers who prefer praying away from children. ID bracelets are given to young children in case they get separated from their parents and if a child gets lost they are cared for in the mosque’s daycare centre until they are safely reunited with their family.


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