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The Preferred Choice of Accommodation for Pilgrims

5 Mar 2020

Travelling to Makkah for Umrah is a dream for many, and we at Shaza Makkah are always happy to watch this dream come true for our guests. As the best hotel in Makkah and one of the hotels overlooking the Holy Mosque, our goal is to offer you a special experience befitting the sanctity and grandeur of this beautiful city.

Our guests believe Shaza Makkah is the best hotel in the Kingdom and one of its most important luxury hotels because of the reasons below:

The Shaza Kids Club

Umrah can be tiring for young children, so parents may face trouble completing their worshipping duties to care for their little ones. We established the Shaza Kids Club for this exact purpose; our women employees are experts in childcare and it is their pleasure to take care of your children so you can take the time to complete your Umrah rituals and enjoy the city without worrying about their safety.

Beauty in Every Detail

As a 5 star hotel in Makkah, every detail in Shaza Makkah is designed to combine luxury with modernity. We’ve won several global luxury hotel awards, and the luxury we offer doesn’t stop at the architecture; you’ll find it in Shalimar’s luxurious glass teapots or the royal foot massage service that will transport you to a world of relaxation and comfort, in addition to other world-class services.

Your Second Home in Saudi Arabia

Because we welcome guests from all around the world, we take pride in making every guest feel welcomed, which is why our employees speak Arabic, English, and Urdu. We also consider guests’ different tastes in food through the broad selection available at the Midan Restaurant breakfast buffet.

A Personal Touch

When you stay at Shaza Makkah, you’re not just a visitor; you’ll feel a sense of familiarity as soon as you check-in. Everyone will know you and call you by name, and you’ll be welcomed with smiles and warmth at every corner. We will also provide you with a “Morafik” who will cater to all your requests, starting with booking appointments to helping you get anything you need, such as Ihram clothing or an umbrella to protect you from the sun.

Remember, when you’re in Shaza Makkah, you’re not just at the best hotel in Saudi Arabia; you truly are in your second home.


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