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What You Need to Know Before Travelling to Makkah

13 Oct 2019

If you’re planning a spiritual trip to Makkah, follow these tips and tricks from the Shaza Makkah team for a stress-free journey.

Entry Visa to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
Getting a visa is the first step you should finalise before getting on the plane. Check if you can get it online through the e-visa website or by visiting the Kingdom’s representative in your country. Tourism visas on arrival were recently allowed for 49 countries. There are several types of visas, including visit, work, Hajj, Umrah, and tourism visas, so make sure you commit to the regulations and durations of the type of visa you get. Gulf citizens are exempted.

Visiting the Grand Mosque is the most important part of coming to Makkah, so choose the hotels closest to the area and ones that provide services that facilitate your experience. For example, Shaza Makkah offers a periodic bus to and from the Grand Mosque despite its location only a few steps away. It also offers a range of exceptional services and comfortable facilities for the entire family, such as the Shaza Kids Club. You can learn more about the services and amenities through the Shaza Makkah website, which offers exclusive deals from time to time.

Transportation and Travel
There is no airport in Makkah, so you can travel to the airports in Jeddah, Taif, or Madinah and take a taxi, public bus, or rental car on arrival. If you choose the latter, you’ll need a hotel that offers a private parking service such as the one available in Shaza Makkah. As for moving around within Makkah, public transport is the most time-saving option.

Be prepared for Makkah’s desert climate, as maximum temperatures reach 44 degrees Celsius or more in the summer, while the weather is warm during winter. Heavy rains may fall suddenly and briefly between November and April, so make sure to check the weather forecast while packing.

In any country, the best tour guides are its residents. Shaza Makkah offers the Mostachar service for guests who’d like to explore the most beautiful sites in the holy city, such as the Makkah Museum for Antiquities and Heritage, the Two Holy Mosques Architecture Exhibition, Thawr Mountain, Makkah Shopping Mall, and many more sites where you can make wonderful memories during your spiritual trip.


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