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International Day For People with Disabilities

9 Dec 2019

As an Islamic society, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia sees the disabled through the lens of Islamic Sharia and cultural norms. Thus, the Kingdom pays much attention to the rights of persons with disabilities and one of its highest goals is to safeguard and protect the legitimate rights of this beloved segment of society.

While the world is celebrating the International Day of Persons with Disabilities, Shaza Riyadh Hotel is honoured to highlight the Kingdom’s commitment to providing a decent life for citizens, residents and visitors with disabilities, starting with applying regulations concerning accessibility and other facilities that care for the disabled in the Kingdom, which include sixteen articles to protect their rights and facilitate all aspects of life for them.

Life of Persons with Disabilities in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
The Kingdom has guaranteed a number of privileges for children with disabilities, starting with the allocation of monthly subsidies enabling them to use public transportation, obtain free prosthetic devices, audiovisual aids and others, in addition to providing special cars for persons with disabilities.

It also gives persons with disabilities the opportunity to hold governmental positions, as well as encouraging the private sector to hire them. There is a dedicated education system for persons with disabilities provided at specialized institutes, in addition to integrating them into public education. Many Saudis with special needs have managed to challenge their disability and have turned it into motivation to achieve success in life and work. Among these successful persons are Shaher Ayed Marzouki who has made his way in the field of inventions and contributed to the development of prosthetics manufacturing, and Tariq Hussein Al-Hamidi, who received a Medal of Distinction from the Naval Scouts in Egypt.

Some disabled persons have become professionals in various sports, such as Fahad Abdul Latif, the famous rally driver, and Abdul Rahman Hassan Al-Hamdan, the world champion in swimming for the disabled, while for Wafaa Al-Obaidi and Mohammed Al-Sharif the sky is the limit for their ambitious paragliding skills. The list of achievers does not end here, as they belong to an environment that empowers persons with disabilities.

Residence in Shaza Riyadh for persons with disabilities
In line with the principle of welcoming guests and meeting their needs and requirements, Shaza Riyadh is ready to serve guests with special needs from the moment they arrive, starting with special parking and a concierge service to welcome them and facilitate their check-in. Elevators are equipped with Braille electronic buttons dedicated for blind persons, helping them to reach their own rooms and suites among the several suites at Shaza Riyadh that are designed with disabled persons in mind. Shaza Riyadh Hotel ensures that these suites meet all the engineering and architectural specifications and requirements of persons with disabilities, starting with the threshold of doors that enable the smooth entry and exit of wheelchairs. The doorbell vibrates and features a flashing light to help guests suffering from hearing impairment know that there is someone knocking at their door. Shaza Riyadh Hotel spares no effort to help guests with disabilities and provides publications and menus with Braille language for blind persons. The bathroom are equipped with special bathtubs and supportive anchors, as well as a handy button for emergency assistance connected directly to Shaza Riyadh Hotel Operations Centre, which is always ready to meet the needs of guests with disabilities, while assuring their comfort and safety.


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