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The Beautiful Customs of Riyadh Residents

17 Sep 2019

Poets have long praised the customs and traditions of residents of the Arabian Peninsula; telling stories of displaying bravery and courage, helping those in need, showing hospitality towards neighbours, having pride in one’s self, and other wonderful traits present in the north, south, east, and west. But what about the centre, the heart of the Arabian Peninsula? Discover some of the most beautiful customs of the people of Najd and Riyadh with Shaza Riyadh.

People in Riyadh are known for their generosity with guests, strangers, and the less fortunate. You will notice this trait as soon as you enter Shaza Riyadh due to its welcoming and generous atmosphere.

Those living in Riyadh display hospitality in several ways. They care about the comfort of their guests by offering them the finest foods and Arabian coffee so they can enjoy it alongside good conversation.

Riyadh residents try their best to do wonderful things for those around them out of their keenness to help. At Shaza Riyadh, you will notice that the chivalrous Morafik is always at your service to make your life easier and ensure that your stay in Shaza Riyadh is as comfortable as possible.

Family Gatherings
The people of Riyadh respect their families and consider their family relations sacred, which is why they get together on a regular basis to practice Silat Al-Rahim. We took this into consideration at Shaza Riyadh and ensured that all our rooms and suites are suitable for families of all sizes to offer our guests an intimate family vacation.

Every person in Riyadh respects the concept of privacy as it is one of the most important values that should never be violated. MeNa Restaurant in Shaza Riyadh features special seating areas covered with curtains for discreet dining, and we have also provided an additional entrance to Shaza Afiya without passing through the hotel.

Feasts and Special Occasions
The people of Riyadh enjoy sharing their joy with family and friends. They gather to celebrate and have dinner, which usually consists of grilled meat cooked the Najdi way. Today, the people of Riyadh celebrate in special halls such as the ones in Shaza Riyadh equipped with everything needed for a good celebration, including speakers, a stage, tables, and chairs.


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