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Shaza Al Madina: Dreams do come true

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Shaza means fragrance. Notes of Arabia, Ottoman and Middle Eastern are blended into a subtle bouquet that captures the spirit of generosity, luxury and refinement of the people of the Silk territories. Rich with history and discovery, Shaza Hotels is a reinvention of all we love, celebrate and hold dear above all else. Ours is a story of the old through new eyes.

Our Story
Our Story Image

Our Story

  • The Silk Route courses through our being Shaza is a celebration of our past - and our future. We proudly embrace all the wonders and generosities of the silk cultures that have shaped our luxurious Shaza world.

  • What we stand for (Brand Promise):

    • Offering new products and services inspired by a deep understanding of the cultures of the East.
    • Respecting the environment and contribute to the local community.
    • Delivering value to guests, colleagues, partners, stakeholder and owners.
People Philosophy

People Philosophy

    • Winning Ways

    • Shaza Hotels places great importance in its people because we believe that it is the people that can make a difference. They embody the Shaza Hotels' values and ethics by delivering the Shaza Brand Promise to our guests and therefore making their stay memorable.

    • Our People Philosophy has been built around the following principle:
      We want all of us to succeed. To win. To win the hearts of our guests. To win the expectations of our investors. To win our place in the society. To win awards in the industry.

    • Most of all, to have our people win in their own eyes, in the eyes of their families and their loved ones. 

    • In order for our Colleagues to win:

  • We provide an agreeable but dynamic work environment
  • We provide in-depth training for them to become confident and excel at their work
  • We follow-up closely with our talents to ensure their growth within the company
  • We tailor-make best practices to individual needs
  • We listen to all comments from our Colleagues
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"Shaza Ethos are the five pillars which hold the entire Shaza people philosophy structure. Ethos is a Greek word meaning "Character" that is used to describe the guiding beliefs or ideals that characterize a community, nation or ideology. Shaza Ethos gives our colleagues distinction, character and significance. These are focused to make our colleagues reflect, live and breathe the Shaza Brand promise. It helps shape the working style and personality of our Colleagues in conformance with Shaza's culture. It guides them to deliver the Brand promise and make the guest's stay memorable. Shaza Ethos forms our training foundation.

The five pillars are:

  • Brand Ethos: Brand Ethos helps our Colleagues to understand the uniqueness and the soul of the Shaza brand. It guides us to discover the key differentiators of our brand and helps us understand the culture of the Shaza Brand.
  • People Ethos: People Ethos introduces the Shaza People Philosophy. It helps people understand what Shaza Hotels expects from them.
  • Behavioral Ethos: This is where attitude is developed, behavior is shaped and a sense of team work is created. It helps Colleagues understand how to communicate, work and interact with people from different cultures. It also helps our Colleagues understand the importance of grooming, benefits of the first impression and the pride related to it.
  • Guest Ethos: Guest Ethos is about developing the sense of anticipation and awareness in our Colleagues - to be able to understand and anticipate the needs of our guests. They will learn how to effectively communicate with guests using the art of body language, tone of voice and words.
  • Technical Ethos: This is the final pillar of the Shaza Ethos. Technical Ethos is about how to do your work in compliance with Shaza values, vision and mission. Technical Ethos will help our Colleagues to learn the technical skills required to perform their job. We currently use the services of Lobster Ink for our Technical Ethos. The Front Office and Housekeeping department use the system for their technical trainings.

Basmat Shaza is the fingerprint that characterises our brand. It serves to shape our culture
and define the identity of Shaza Hotels. It is an imprint that guides how we pursue our vision through actions and behaviours. The correct usage of Basmat Shaza is the two words always together and in that order.

These values should drive us to achieve our goals and help us make the right everyday decisions.

  • Generosity: We believe that the essence of the Shaza Brand is in its people, offering humaneness, compassion and emotional generosity in everything we do.
  • Respect: We work with sincerity, integrity and fairness, respecting individuals in all their diversity and uniqueness.
  • Creativity: We look ahead, to develop new ideas in design and concepts, push the boundaries but act conscientiously.
  • Pride: We are proud of our heritage and to be a part of an entrepreneurial company, which we believe will leave its mark in the region and beyond.
  • Engagement: We are committed to engage with guests, owners and colleagues. We work with passion and zeal.
  • Awareness: We are conscious and mindful of everything we do and aware of its impact on our surroundings.