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A Shaza Colleague is caring, knowledgeable and well-trained to be natural in his or her behaviour. Authenticity, passion and inspiration are his or her main attributes and will directly influence our guests' experience.

Simon Coombs
President & CEO Shaza Hotels

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  • All Shaza Hotel Colleagues are carefully handpicked in order to become a Shaza Ambassador. Shaza Hotels is a luxury five star hotel brand that provides high quality services to high-end guests. For this reason, a Shaza Colleague should represent Shaza Hotels at its very best, respecting and embracing the values of the company.

  • The ideal Shaza Colleague should have the following characteristics:

    • An ability to instantly connect with people, smile, good body language and embody a positive attitude
    • Be motivated
    • Be honest and show integrity
    • Can work both independently as well as being a team player
    • Willing to take direction as well as listen to instructions given by hierarchy
    • Be creative and innovative
    • Take initiative
    • Be dependable and punctual
    • Be positive and have a proactive attitude
    • Be open-minded

    Is this you? If so, Shaza Hotels is waiting for you to apply.



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"The Shaza People Philosophy states that we want our people to win and succeed. Keeping this in mind, we have designed a development programme called Shaza Talent Enhancement Programme (STEP) for all levels.

Snapshot of the programme:

STEP is designed to develop the Rank & File, Supervisors, Assistant Managers and Managers of Shaza Hotels. It ensures that skills, abilities, and knowledge are constantly being improved for fellow Colleagues to reach to the next level in the responsibility of their respective departments. It focuses on the development of effective people skills and essential management or responsibility functions.

Importance of STEP:

STEP can initiate positive changes to the hotel's performance. After the completion of the training, or the application of a plan, a Shaza Colleague is more accomplished in their roles and responsibilities. Enhancing knowledge and skills are fundamental to improving the productivity and efficiency of our brand. Shaza energizers play a vital role in determining the participants of the STEP.

Shaza Energizer is a one-on-one structured dialogue between the Supervisor and the Colleague. It is conducted twice a year and its sole purpose is to provide the Colleague with feedback of his/her performance. Shaza Energizer provides results about the Colleague in four areas:

Strengths and Areas of Improvement: The strengths and weakness of the Colleague or areas of improvements will be identified.

Will & Skill Matrix: Will is the understanding of Shaza Ethos, willingness to foster the brand and an eagerness for personal growth & development. On the other hand, Skill is the Colleague’s capabilities, what they can do and their abilities. For Shaza the Will is what is required. If the Will is present then the Skill can be developed.